Born and raised in New York City. Alex was introduced to hot glass in 1985, it was love at first sight. Upon graduating college he made his way to the woods of New Hampshire where he and his creative abilities thrived. He began creating his unique glass designs including, his popular stemware and vases. Alex’s work over the years has grown to include home lighting, and collaborative sculptural installations. Each year Alex hosts special open house events in his studio where he invites the public come watch him create his work. He is a 19 year juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, and his work is currently sold throughout the USA, and abroad around the world.

“I began blowing glass in 1986 as a student at Franklin Pierce College.  After graduating in 1991, I started working for another glass blower in New Hampshire.  It was then that I began developing my own designs.  A few years later I built my own glassblowing equipment and studio where I continued to produce my own unique line of blown glass art. My pieces are all hand blown without the use of a mold. There is no paint, my work is 100% glass.  Each piece is an individual and unique.  No two pieces are ever exactly the same.  I believe this adds to their appeal. I produce a varied selection of decorative and functional pieces including vases, stemware, ornaments, one of a kind glass jewelry, and home lighting.”

The forms, while not direct mimics of nature are at the very least inspired by nature the Strata vases for example are colored to be similar to stratified rock and are very organic forms.

The shards made and used to produce the Shard vases are very reminiscent of reef fish, even the swirls of color in the stems of the wine glasses is similar to the double helix strands of DNA.

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Wine Glasses


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Blue Wine glass $55 each.

These wine glasses will make any occasion a celebration. There’s an extra special sound when hand blown goblets clink, so add that sound to your wedding or next special occasion.  Feast your eyes with delicate swirls of color as you lift the glass in a toast.

To purchase these Please call Alex Kalish Glass Design at 603 588 2390

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Functional hand blown art glass

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